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Cột sắc ký PRP-1 Hamilton

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PRP-1 Columns

Hamilton Thụy Sỹ

PRP-1 columns have inherent reversed-phase separation qualities that eliminate the requirement for a stationary phase coating. Hydrolysis of the stationary phase coating is often the limiting factor in column lifetime, so the lack of coating on the PRP-1 resin extends the longevity of the column. PRP-1 also have exceptional sample recovery (≥ 95%). Application Examples: Organic compounds: small molecules (< 2,000 mw), pharmaceuticals, steroids, nucleic acids, vitamins, herbicides.

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Cột sắc ký PRP-1 Hamilton

HSX: Hamilton Thụy Sỹ

PRP-1 là dòng cột pha đảo cho máy HPLC 



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